# 🚀 Welcome to the Strapi documentation!

Strapi is the open-source Headless CMS developers love.

# What is Strapi?

Strapi is a flexible, open-source Headless CMS that gives developers the freedom to choose their favorite tools and frameworks while also allowing editors to easily manage and distribute their content. By making the admin panel and API extensible through a plugin system, Strapi enables the world's largest companies to accelerate content delivery while building beautiful digital experiences.

Where does the name come from?

Strapi comes from the word Bootstrap, and helps Bootstrap your API 🎉
This was the original purpose of this project.

# Features

# Custom Content Structure

You can generate the admin panel in a few clicks and get your whole CMS setup in a few minutes.

# Easy Content Management

Strapi's admin panel gives you an intuitive interface to create, edit and delete your content.

# Developer-Friendly API

If your content has to be displayed to the world, an API is required. Strapi provides you with an API that will easily match your needs. Fetch any data you might need via a REST API or GraphQL endpoint.

# Roles & Permissions

Strapi has a built-in user system that allows you to manage who can access what.

# Plugin system

Need a new feature for your application? Fetch a plugin in the marketplace and tadah! Installing a GraphQL endpoint has never been so easy.

# Customization

Every part of your application can be easily customized. Strapi's architecture allows you to extend your app to match your exact use case.

Don't be bogged down by tech you don't need!

# The Strapi Ecosystem

# Source Code

Strapi is an open-source project, all of Strapi's source code is under the MIT license. The core project can be found at the strapi/strapi GitHub repository and you will find all other tools in the Strapi GitHub organization.

# Marketplace

Official Strapi plugins will be found in the marketplace section of the admin panel. Unfortunately, the Strapi marketplace is not open to outside contribution, but stay tuned as that may change in the near future.

With that said you can still develop & use your own plugins.

# Roadmap

Strapi is a community-oriented project with an emphasis on transparency. We want to share our vision of the future of Strapi and have your help in realizing it. Your insights are very important and will help steer the project in the right direction, so please visit The Roadmap and share your ideas.

# Tutorials and Guides

To help you get started with Strapi, we and the community have provided you with a plethora of resources! You will find tutorials on the official website as well as documentation.

# Demo

Want to see Strapi in action? check out the demo video or request a live demo via the form present on the page.

# Blog

For long term news and announcements, check out our blog.

# Social media

We maintain a handful of social media accounts in order to keep in touch with the community directly and give updates about what's new with Strapi: