# 🦸 Contributing

Strapi is a community oriented project and we really appreciate every contribution made by the community: feature requests, bug reports, and especially pull requests! If you have any questions please reach out the Core team on Slack.

# Repositories

# strapi/strapi

This repository contains the core of Strapi. It means the admin panel, core plugins (Content Manager, Content Type Buidler, etc...), the documentation and the code that runs your Strapi app. You will also find some plugin providers. This is the main repo of the Strapi organization.

# strapi/buffet

Buffet is the componenent library that is used in the admin panel. This brings consistency throughout the different admin plugins.

# strapi/strapi-docker

This is the code used to generate the official Docker images for Strapi. These images are available through our Docker Hub.

# Request for Comments (RFC)

Many changes, including bug fixes and documentation improvements can be implemented and reviewed via the normal GitHub pull request workflow.

Some changes though are β€œsubstantial”, and we ask that these be put through a bit of a design process and produce a consensus among the Strapi core team.

The β€œRFC” (request for comments) process is intended to provide a consistent and controlled path for new features to enter the project. You can contribute by visiting the rfcs repository.

# Contributing guide

To contribute to the project please follow instructions present in the CONTRIBUTING.md file on GitHub.